Sunday, October 31, 2010

PLAYING THE VICTIM.....The Ugly Side of Caroline Fayard

LOUISIANA---"Jay Dardenne is making personal attacks against me," Democrat Caroline Fayard tells Louisiana voters in her closing ad for Lt. Governor.   

The only problem is her Republican opponent, Secretary of State Jay Dardenne, has not once personally attacked her, yet her ad portrays herself as the victim of harsh personal attacks. Ironically, Fayard has three ads saturating the airwaves and two are personal attacks against Jay Dardenne.  The real question for voters in the Nov. 2nd election is: Where did Caroline Fayard get so much money to run so many lies? The answer is: her father.

During the primary, Caroline Fayard loaned her campaign $440,000.  When asked at a debate where that money came from, Fayard refused to go into detail, saying only "Success." The implication is it is her success, but financial disclosure forms show it's highly likely it's her father's success that's financing her campaign.

But Calvin Fayard couldn't stop there. He needed to launder more of his vast personal wealth into his daughter's first political campaign. So...

STEP 1:  Calvin Fayard gives the LA Dem Party $210,000 on Oct. 13th
STEP 2:  The LA Dem Party gives the Caroline Fayard campaign $210,000 on Oct. 14th
STEP 3:  Caroline Fayard uses that money to play the victim and slander Jay Dardenne 

This is not a rumor. It's been reported.  And it's been confirmed. And reported again.  Caroline Fayard's lies about Jay Dardenne are being funded by her rich dad and that's illegal.  And now that we know Fayard's M.O. is playing the victim, check out how she responds to these accusations of malfeasance.

"I find it misogynistic and a bias to my age," Caroline Fayard told The Shreveport Times in response to reports that her father funneled over $200k to her campaign. Fayard refuses to comment on the obvious violation her campaign is guilty of and instead accuses Dardenne of sexism and agism (AT ONCE!) and conveniently sets herself up as the victim.

It's no surprise, therefore, that Fayard interned for Hillary Clinton's Social Secretary in the White House because it appears she's taken a page from Hillary's personal playbook.

Let's examine Jay Dardenne's "attacks" on Caroline Fayard and see if they are, in fact, "personal."

Dardenne's "negativeads highlight Fayard's past employment on Wall Street (at Goldman Sachs), her history of campaign contributions to liberal candidates (like Bill Jefferson and Cleo Fields), and her much-publicized endorsement and fundraiser from President Bill Clinton.  Jay Dardenne also acknowledges Caroline Fayard's positions on Gay Marriage (FOR) and the Death Penalty (AGAINST) that she herself admitted to during a WDSU debate for Lt. Governor. He has also seen fit to make hay of the grade she gave President Obama in a League of Women Voters Debate (B+, Dardenne gave Obama an F). Finally Jay Dardenne has "attacked" Fayard for not voting in 7 of the last 14 elections (including Governor).

These attacks by Jay Dardenne on Caroline Fayard are as impersonal as it gets.  He cites campaigns she's contributed to, places she's worked, things she's said at debates for Lt. Governor, people who've endorsed her, and the times she's participated in Louisiana government since 2007.

The biggest personal attack of this campaign is against the people of Louisiana and it's by Caroline Fayard and her father trying to buy this election.

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